1. ROSE022 Estroe - Nocturnal Lullabies EP (With D.Diggler Remix)

  2. ROSE021 Toki Fuko - Mantra EP (With Brendon Moeller Dub)

  3. ROSE020 - Brett Longman - Faria EP (With Estroe Remix)

  4. ROSE019 Estroe - Querulantism EP (With Brendon Moeller and Justin Berkovi Remixes)

  5. ROSE018 - Fomatic - The Search EP (With Estroe and Spaceandtime Remixes)

  6. ROSE017 Toki Fuko - Prologue EP (With Estroe and Fomatic Remixes)

  7. ROSE016 Colophon - Atomic Orbital EP (With Estroe and Fabrice Lig Remixes)

  8. ROSE015 Estroe & Nadia Struiwigh - Aerations EP (With Yagya and SINNER DC remixes)

  9. ROSE014 Gestalt Effect - Cascades Of Tears EP (With Beat Pharmacy Dub and Estroe Remixes)
    Gestalt Effect

  10. ROSE013 Fomatic - Escape The Shift (With Marc Poppcke and Nachtamt Remixes)

  11. ROSE012 Nadia Struiwigh - Miosis EP (With John Beltran Remix)

  12. ROSE011 Toki Fuko - Yttrium EP (With Wareika remix)
    Toki Fuko

  13. ROSE010 Nachtamt - Enhanced Awareness EP (With Estroe and MUUI remixes)

  14. ROSE009 Colophon - Radix Point (With A&S and Russ Gabriel remixes)

  15. ROSE008 Beatz To Play - Destination Two EP (With Karim Sahrahoui and Colophon remixes)
    Beatz to Play

  16. ROSE007 Nadia Struiwigh - Parallax EP (with Estroe and Nadja Lind remixes)

  17. ROSE006 - Estroe - Spring Flowers EP (with Glitterbug and Nadia Struiwigh remixes)

  18. ROSE005 Pawas - Namma EP (with Estroe and Patrick Zigon remixes)

  19. ROSE004 Bart van Rijn - Ylpha - Deta EP (With Beat Syndrome and Ivo Toscano remixes)
    Bart van Rijn

  20. ROSE003 Colophon - Concrete (with Duplex, Brendon Moeller and Echologist remixes) digital and vinyl

  21. ROSE002 Gale Talk - Cosmic design EP with Anton Kubikov and Estroe remixes

  22. ROSE001 Estroe - I See You EP


Rosedale Records Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Following eight years running the EevoNext imprint with Stefan Robbers, Rosedale Records aims to showcase hand-picked producers sharing sides with remixes by techno’s establishment and some of Estroe’s new discovered talents via her own producer advice company (www.estroe-advice.com). ... more

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