ROSE014 Gestalt Effect - Cascades Of Tears EP (With Beat Pharmacy Dub and Estroe Remixes)

by Gestalt Effect

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Cascades Of Tears (Original)
On the original mix of Cascades of Tears, Gestalt Effect says it is “inspired by what the urge to cry can feel like” and that it “represents the inner friction felt when bursting into tears.”
Certainly the thought-provoking lyrics in the track reinforce the idea in this powerful minimal piece. More so, the resonant and metallic bass line pulses along with ominous pent-up emotion. The sporadic noise-like handclaps suggest flashbacks of violent mental anguish giving the track a deeply tense atmosphere.

Cascades Of Tears (Estroe remix)
Whereas the original mix of Cascades of Tears has tangibly human qualities, Estroe’s remix of the track takes on a more humanoid feel. The suppressed vehemence is still there but the fragmented lyrics, added with the mechanical drones, whips and hauntingly foreboding chords, paint the picture of some kind of artificial intelligence struggling to compute the most human of traits – emotion.

Slack Water Dream (Original)
Slack water is the term used to describe that moment between tides, when there is no movement either way in the tidal stream. And Gestalt Effect’s original mix of Slack Water Dream does in fact, represent a dream which the artist had. In the dream, he is looking up from the depths through towering, motionless kelp while around him leviathans lurk in the shadows created by shimmering sun rays through murky waters.
Deep drone-like chords submerge the listener into the gloomy depths of this track while the occasional and almost subliminal arpeggio swirls like gently dancing sunlight. Huge bass stabs come and go like close encounters with monsters of the deep. Thin and nervous pads suggest the sensation of angst that one might feel during a close call with one of these creatures.

Slack Water Dream (Beat Pharmacy Dub Remix)
The Beat Pharmacy dub of Slack Water Dream is the perfect alternative to the darker original. It focuses on the lighter aspects of Gestalt Effect’s dream with its air-bubble plinks and agitated percussive arpeggio. The floaty chords bring the listener closer to the surface while the intensely prominent synth stabs, again suggest a marine creature – a little less menacing than in the original mix, but far more curious.


released August 29, 2016



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