ROSE012 Nadia Struiwigh - Miosis EP (With John Beltran Remix)

by Rosedale Records



Art is about communication and interpretation, and Nadia’s work never fails to evoke pictures, scenes and stories to the listener’s mind. Her music is more than music itself - it’s an insight into how she sees the world and how she draws from her own observations and morphs them into a kind of musical narrative where listening is a journey through the imagination.
Nadia and Rosedale Records are thrilled that a producer they both admire for a very long time; John Beltran, said yes to remixing Miosis. And what an awesome remix he delivered!

“Earthlings” begins with a scratchy percussive build up like an excavating machine scraping up its first few superficial buckets of topsoil. The tunneling continues and the track takes on a more cavernous nature as reverb-soaked pipeline percussive hits and propulsive grooves leach out from the walls of the sonic subterrane.

Like a microscopic journey through the heart of a rainbow, “Miosis” sparkles with delicate layers of ambient pads and silvery drones . Amidst the hues and textures of this aural iridescence, the sound of a rhythmic raindrop arpeggio is diffracted like droplets scattering the light of a bright sun.

“Spacop” evokes one of those seemingly endless moments where time stands still - a slow realization, or the birth of an idea. The track has a cerebral feel to it. Organic and electronic, like a brain, the looped piano plays with the idea of mental feedback loops. It duplicates each previous copy of itself, but never perfectly, creating a slowly transforming timbre. Flashing synaptic percussion, like an overloading of nervous energy, gradually feeds a sense of apprehension as it evolves through the track.

John Beltran takes “Miosis” to another place in the countryside with his ataractic interpretation. In this version the atmosphere is warm and close like it’s a warm summer morning. The soft undulating pads ebb and flow like gentle ripples on the surface of a serene lake while thin metallic slivers of sound dance as if sunlight is reflecting off the watery surface.


released May 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Rosedale Records Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Following eight years running the EevoNext imprint with Stefan Robbers, Rosedale Records aims to showcase hand-picked producers sharing sides with remixes by techno’s establishment and some of Estroe’s new discovered talents via her own producer advice company ( ... more

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